Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hello from KS!

Hi everyone. I've been in KS since last Saturday. Having a blast with 11 very special girlfriends. We meet up once a year for a scrappin retreat. Our time here is almost over. We will be departing to our homes tomorrow. Some gals traveled by air, some by land...but we will be forever linked with our hearts. We have ate,laughed, shopped, chatted, scrapped, played games and just had some good old fashion fun.

This picture I'm sharing is one of the games we played. You were handed an envelope with a name on it. Inside, was a "naked" paper doll from the Cricut "Paper Doll" carts. We were to dress them the way we interput/or saw the person. Anyways, you get the picture. Well, my room mate and best girlfriend, Barbi from Ca. had gotten my name. And this is how she saw me. Now I'm not sure, but I can say for sure, I DID NOT have a hula skirt on nor did I have a drink in my hand (unless it's dt pepsi). But, all in all, we had a blast! And I love my paper doll! Hope you get a giggle out of it as I did. Love ya Barbi!! See you all next year!!
This is it for now. I'll be back home tomorrow. I'll be back to posting and commenting this weekend. Have a great evening!
Your Friend,